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Fire Alarm Systems

fire alarm system
A correctly installed and well maintained fire alarm system will ensuer the early detection of any fire, giving people more time to escape and reducing damage to buildings and contents.
At MMK Facilities Management Limited we understand that fire protection and safety legislation can often appear overwhelming and that is why we offer a truly collaborative approach. We will help to translate the legislation so that as a business owner, or landlord, you understand all aspects of liability and risk.
Commercial fire alarm systems might include a fire alarm panel, fire detectors such as smoke detectors and heat detectors, fire alarm sounders, fire alarm flashers and manual call points. Each detector and call point in the fire alarm system is connected to the main fire alarm control panel. You can set fire alarm zones using the fire alarm panel so in the event of fire you can quickly see which zone is at risk.
Smoke detectors measure the quantity of smoke within the detector chamber and can be the earliest signal of a fire. Heat detectors work by monitoring the temperature. If the temperature rises above a certain level then the alarm is activated.
The fire alarms is activated as soon as the fire is detected giving an audible warning of danger. They should be distributed evenly throughout the premises and be audible over background noise anywhere in the building. Manual alarm call points also need to be installed throughout the entire premises at a minimum of 30m apart. Activating a manual call point will trigger fire alarms and alert everyone in the building to evacuate.
MMK Facilities Management Limited will help ensure that your premises and occupants are protected in the event of a fire and that you meet your legal obligations by complying with the latest fire safety regulations. These include the Code of Practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems in a commercial premises.
You can be assured that MMK Facilities Management Limited will meet all of the appropriate standards and are independently audited. We have over ten years’ experience in the provision of fire detection and alarm solutions and we offer a wide array of services; from the design, supply and installation through to maintenance only contract.

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