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Best electric shower installation Service in dublin

MMK Facilities Management Limited provide electric shower installation service for all domestic area in Dublin. Our team has successfully finished many installations so you can have your trust on us. Our team will guide you about which shower to buyer and how to safely use the electric shower. 

Electric showers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom because they can deliver hot water on demand alongside many other benefits depending on the specific type of electric shower installed. However, an electric shower will only be able to deliver the desired results if it is properly installed. In fact, an incorrectly-installed electrical shower can pose significant risk to both you and your property.

Installing or replacing an electric shower can be a precarious activity, especially as it concerns both water and electrics. In case you’re having another electric shower introduced, you should recruit a Part P certified electrician who can securely complete the shower establishment guaranteeing all wiring is in the right places. Replacing an electric shower despite everything requires plumbing and electrical experience, as your new shower may have a higher wattage. As opposed to attempting to handle the activity yourself, you ought to consistently bring in a certified plumber who will guarantee your electric shower is replaced securely.

We do all kind of electric shower installation

  • Mixer
  • Thermostatic
  • Digital
  • Gravity Systems
  • Combination (Combi) Boiler Systems.


At MMK Electricians, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can provide you with a comprehensive service, ensuring that your electric shower is installed safely and efficiently. We can also offer advice and help you to choose the best electric shower for your needs.

So, why choose us at MMK Electricians?

1. We provide an efficient and reliable service.

2. We are fully qualified and experienced electricians who are certified in Part P.

3. Our team will provide you with advice on choosing the best electric shower for your needs.

4. We can provide you with a comprehensive service for your electric shower installation.

5. We guarantee that your electric shower is installed safely and correctly.

6. We offer competitive pricing for our services.

Please contact MMK Facilities Management Limited directly to discuss any service not listed above.
electric shower intsallation

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