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Fuse Box Upgrade Service

When your property is equipped with a fully functioning electrical panel, the house is in fantastic condition. The electrical service panel in your home is comprised of a series of circuit breakers and fuses that are responsible for controlling all of the electrical components in your home. Even your electrical system, like all other appliances in your home, is susceptible to failure. So, if you believe it is time to upgrade your fuse box, contact MMK Electricians for guided guidance and Fuse Box Upgrade service.

Problems With the Wiring

Faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of residential fires in Ireland, accounting for around one-third of all fires. An increase in the likelihood of a fire occurring in residence is significantly increased when the wiring is defective. In addition to wire insulation and other components degrading over time, older wiring may not comply with code requirements.

Installing Large Appliances for the First Time

If you want to put large appliances in your home, especially ones that consume a lot of energy, you should ensure that your electrical panel and fuse box are in working order. Refrigerators, hot tubs, air conditioners, and other major appliances are examples of this type of equipment. The board may be unable to handle the amount of electricity required to keep these appliances functioning.

From 100 to 400 amps, electrical panels can deliver massive amounts of electricity amps to their customers. You will experience circuit breakers tripping if you attempt to turn on the hot tub or air conditioner if your amps do not exceed your electrical consumption requirements.

Fuses That Have Blown

Modern dwellings consume three times the amount of electricity as their antiquated counterparts. The number of electronic devices owned by individuals and families has increased significantly in recent decades. These include laptop computers, blow dryers, and more televisions. It follows that there is a greater demand for electrical systems as a result of these factors. During the mid-century, fuse boxes were intended to handle a maximum current of 60 amps. Archaic fuses are therefore more susceptible to overloading as a result of their age. If you have a lot of blown fuses in your house, you might consider upgrading your system.

Use of Extension Cords Regularly

In addition to being a tripping hazard, electrical wires are frequently found within or against walls for various reasons. The use of a secure wiring system results in only modest wear and tear. The shorting or pinching of electrical wires that are left scattered about your living room floor might cause outlets to malfunction. It is not advisable to use extension cables regularly. Contacting a local electrician will allow you to add more outlets.

You are Renovating Your Home or Purchasing New Appliances

If you plan to extend your home, remodelling, or install new appliances, now may be the best time to upgrade your electrical panel. If you intend to add any additional devices to your system, you will need to upgrade your panel.

Contact MMK Electricians Right Away!

It is recommended that you upgrade your system for your safety. Consider the following: around 51,000 house fires occur yearly due to improperly installed or malfunctioning electrical panels. Suppose you find yourself in any of these situations. We propose that you upgrade your fuse box to ensure that your board is up to date with all electrical codes and that it can securely offer electrical power to your household. When you call MMK Electricians, you can be confident that you speak with specialists who have years of experience in their field. While offering the best client experience in the area, we take great satisfaction in performing every work to the highest possible standards and completing it on time. Call our office right away to schedule your fuse box upgrade.

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