Keep an eye out for electric shocks

We all use electricity in our houses for utilities and pleasure. However, there is a danger of electric shocks. Electricity is hazardous and, at times unexpected, element. Electrical shock may occur if live electricity comes into contact with you or a conductive substance. Electrical shock is no laughing issue, with over 30,000 non-fatal incidents occurring each year. But what might lead this to happen?

The professionals at MMK electricians have put up a list of the top five causes of electrical shock. Follow the steps in our tutorial below to learn more about how electrical shock may occur in your home.

1. Defective Outlet/Switch

Electrical shock may occur when an outlet or switch is defective or malfunctioning. Electrical currents are delivered to outlets and controls through a box that is also linked to the wire. Electricity becomes unstable if any screw or wire on the TV, wiring, or outlet/switch is loose. If you plug in an appliance or turn on a light, you may get an electric shock.

As a result, if you see any burn marks, fractures, or sparks emanating from your outlet, call the MMK electrician right once.

2. Obsolete Outlets

Electrical shock may occur even if an outlet is not broken – it might appear just because it is old! Older outlets often have two prongs rather than the three prongs that are currently standard. Two-prong outlets do not have a ground wire. In the event of an unstable electrical current, the ground wire serves as an extra safety barrier. This wire directs imbalanced currents to the ground rather than you or the other cables, thus the name.

Without a ground, two-prong outlets have no means of adequately channeling unstable energy, increasing the risk of shock.

3. Defective Appliances

Faulty appliances may not always conduct power as well as they formerly did. And if you plug one in, you may get an electric shock! Electrical currents become unstable when a device’s circuitry, frayed wire, or broken cables are damaged. When you plug one in, the unpredictable electricity may both damage and shock you. Before connecting to your gadgets, make sure they are in good working order!

4. Electricity in Contact with Water

Get away from electricity when it comes into contact with water! Because the ions in water are highly conductive, electricity and water are a dangerous combination. This results in electrical shock, perhaps of a more severe kind. Anybody of water may become an electrical shock danger if an electrical source is submerged. This may cause harm to the electrical supply, perhaps destroying whatever appliance or equipment is holding the current.

5. Improper Electricity Handling

You are in danger of electrical shock if you do not handle electricity with care. As previously said, electricity is hazardous and unpredictable. When utilizing any component of your electrical system, you must use extreme caution.

Call the MMK electrician to speak with an electrical expert if you need assistance with your electrical system. Not only will we advise you on the best course of action to follow, but we can also execute any electrical service at an affordable price!

Keep these frequent electrical shock sources in mind as you work to enhance your home’s electrical safety. Also, if you need cheap and high-quality electrical services, get in touch with an MMK electrician. We assist in ensuring that you have adequate electrical safety as well as shock protection. Call us now to set up an appointment!

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