Signs your House Needs Rewiring

House Rewiring
Electrical Rewiring In House
Electrical Rewiring In House

Technology is continually developing and with this, there is an ever-increasing number of household devices and appliances demanding power. This increased demand for electricity in your home means you need to be vigilant when it comes to household wiring. Here are some tell-tale signs that you should consider rewiring your home.

Sockets aren’t working

What’s the point of even having electricity if it doesn’t work? If your appliances and devices aren’t working when you connect them to a socket something’s obviously wrong! While this may appear to be a minor problem, it could be something that’s affecting the power throughout the house.

Fuses are constantly blown

Have you ever turned on a hairdryer while the kettle is on and this has triggered a blackout? Although this may be the result of using too much power, it could also be an indication of your home requiring rewiring. Power should run easily and blown fuses shouldn’t happen if your wiring is in order.

Lights bulbs are burning out

Lights today are intended to last from months or even years at a time. In the event that your lights are frequently burning out sooner than this, you may have to think about rewiring.

Your house is old

Although old homes can be both elegant and beautiful, one without working electricity is less appealing. Old wiring, sockets, and fuse boards can be dangerous but luckily these can all be replaced by a registered electrician to make your home safe and efficient.


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