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Smart Heating Engineers in Ireland

Whether you enjoy a pleasant 19 degrees or prefer to crank up the thermostat, you want to be confident that your home heating system will work when you need it. You also want the most significant amount of convenience possible, so how about a smart heating system?

The smart heating system engineers at MMK Electricians have won numerous awards for their work. Besides traditional wireless heating systems and heating controls, we specialize in the sale, installation, and repair of smart heating systems and smart heating controls.

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Our clever thermostat installers have obtained unrivalled knowledge and experience in innovative technology as a result of regular manufacturer training sessions. Every year, we install hundreds of new thermostats from brands.

Please get in touch with the MMK Electricians team right away if you require a quote for the installation of a smart thermostat or if you wish to speak with one of our intelligent heating engineers.

Efficiency, Convenience, and Aesthetics are all Enhanced With Smart Heating Controls

Many of our clients in Ireland have changed their central heating controls to intelligent controls in the last couple of years, and this is a trend that will continue. Why? There are a variety of advantages, like making your home more energy-efficient, saving money, and establishing an indeed linked smart home, among other things.

Different types of controls are available for purchase and installation by us. Here are some of the essential characteristics:


This may appear to be self-evident. Our selection of intelligent controls, on the other hand, can allow you to access your central heating system through a mobile application, giving you greater control over your central heating system. So, when you’re driving home from work on a chilly winter evening, you can use your mobile phone to switch on the heating, and your house will be toasty warm when you get there.


With greater control over your central heating system, you can ensure that your heating is only activated when you require it to be, thereby lowering your heating expenditures and increasing your comfort. Several thermostats are capable of learning about their users’ habits and programming themselves to work with them. The fact that your central heating system can be operated in this manner makes it more energy-efficient and makes it more convenient.

Simple and Straightforward to Use

We no longer live in a world where we have to confuse buttons with tiny screens and worry about whether or not we have programmed our control correctly. Heater controls and their smartphone and tablet applications feature a lot more user-friendly interface with buttons that are easy to understand. It has never been easier to schedule your central heating to coincide with your daily schedule.

Central Heating is Not the Only Option

The Hive and Nest controls are part of an enormous range of intelligent controls, including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and security cameras, allowing you to outfit your house with the latest smart controls as they become available.

We can provide you with additional information if you’re interested in upgrading your heating controls or incorporating them into a new central heating or boiler installation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our smart heating engineers at MMK Electricians for more information.

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